Bruges is a historic and enchanting medieval city packed with intriguing museums and galleries as well as amazing architecture, so why not go for a wander and see where the city takes you… .

The Markt

Like many ancient European cities, Bruges has a historic and rather beautiful central marketplace. The best way to admire its architectural splendour is from a comfortable vantage point at one of the Markt's many cafés. A lovely way to unwind after a morning of sight-seeing.

Belfry & Halle

The south side of Bruges' Markt is dominated by the Halle with the Belfry - Bruges' most distinctive landmark - soaring above it. The 83-meter-high Belfry is one of the finest bell towers in Belgium and is entered from the Halle's inner courtyard. Today 47 bells still hang in the tower. If you’re feeling up to the challenge you can climb the 366 steps up to the top of the tower and enjoy magnificent views over Bruges.

Memling Museum

Discover your inner creative at the Memling Museum, home to some exquisite examples of Flemish art – expect to be captivated by masterpieces dating back as far as the 13th century.

Dijver Mansions

We recommend a walk down the Dijver Canal to the Dijver Mansions, an attractive collection of 15th-century buildings, which are lovely to just have a relaxing wander around. The 18th century Arentshuis is home to the exceptional Brangwyn Museum, boasting a must see exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Bruges-born English artist Frank Brangwyn.


Also part of the Dijver Mansions, the Gruuthusemuseum is the former home of one of the richest families in old Bruges and you will notice that a lot of it remains true to how it must have looked hundreds of years ago, giving you a great insight into how the rich lived. It also holds a fascinating collection of antiques, carvings, tapestries and weaponry!