Be a pioneer; Travel with us to Europe's most exciting cities.

Owning City, Snow and Events since 1999

Outgoing Citybreaks takes groups of 40 to 1500 to cities all over Europe every week. Whether you're part of a University group, stag or hen party, co-workers or just a group of friends, Citybreaks makes it easy to organise life-changing group holidays to destinations and events throughout Europe. Your dedicated account manager organises everything from your travel to entertainment and your expert holiday reps ensure your group stay safe, informed and happy throughout your group holiday.

In the past 20 years we have had the pleasure of partying, sightseeing, laughing and learning with over half a million of you in Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, Berlin, Prague and many more of Europe’s most exciting cities. We believe that the best way to travel is in a group, so get your group together, have a look through some of our favourite destinations and organise a group holiday of your very own with Outgoing Citybreaks. Request a quote for prices and availability.