Art &
Design Guide

Paris is famous for its beauty and romantic, artistic flare. Wander through the charming streets and appreciate the remarkable design of the city’s incredible buildings. During your visit, be sure to stop off at…

Musee Galliera (Fashion Museum)

Situated by the most prestigious couture boutiques, a trip to the Galliera Museum should be at the top of every fashion design student’s list. Featuring the most inspired, influential fashion from the 18th century to the present day, the museum has one of the largest collections in the world, including over 5,000 items of lingerie, underwear and corsetry and 35,000 shoes and accessories. Musee Galliera also has one of the world’s best collections of fashion art and photography certain to inspire your creative innovation.

The Louvre

The Louvre represents the pinnacle of French culture and European art history and your study trip simply wouldn’t be compete without a visit here. See some of the world’s most important works, including masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People and Venus de Milo. However be sure to set aside plenty of time to explore all the Louvre has to offer, with 7,500 works covering nearly 600 years, there’s a lot for you to discover.

La Maison Rouge

La Maison Rouge is a registered foundation and was formed by Antoine de Galbert, a private art collector. The gallery offers 1,300 square meters of exhibition space for you to explore and houses a number of different temporary exhibitions throughout the year displaying work by a variety of contemporary artists. Each exhibition is an experience in itself, designed to ensnare your senses and demonstrate a range of different artistic methods and techniques. After taking your time appreciating the work showcased inside, be sure to take a walk out on to the striking patio, surrounded by glass walls with an open top roof, the unique light in this section of the gallery will make you look at the pieces of art displayed from a different perspective.