politics Guide

For those of you studying politics, Brussels is a must visit. Home to The European Parliament, The European Commission and Nato, it is in fact regarded by many as the most important political city in Europe. To truly enhance your studies and develop your knowledge we insist you visit these iconic landmarks…


Located in the Parliament's Espace Léopold complex, the Parlamentarium cost €21 million to build and 6 years to construct, after which it was officially opened in 2011 by Jerzy Buzek President of the European Parliament. You can visit for free and take a self-guided multimedia tour (available in 24 languages) and learn all about the history of the European Parliament and other European Union institutions.

European Parliament

Visit the European Parliament and get a feel for what day to day life is like working in an international, multi-lingual organisation. Discover how the European Parliament progressively emerged as a key decision maker in the EU and learn how it shares with the Council the power to determine EU budgets. Explore the ongoing fights for human rights, freedom of speech and impartial elections across the world.

European Council

Learn all about how the European Council is made up of the European Council President, the President of the European Commission and the heads of state or government of the 28 EU country members. Discover how the council works to define and prioritise the European Union's political direction and how foreign affairs issues are discussed, policies and agendas identified and how decisions on the best course of action are made by consensus.