Science Guide

Berlin's reputation as a 'capital of science' is well-deserved, as it offers a solid network of science and research organisations and academic institutions. You are sure to find plenty to broaden your mind, but we recommend you start with these…


Body Worlds exhibitions can now be seen all around the world, however the Plastinarium is Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ very own science lab of plastination. The Plastinarium takes you on a tour of the actual lab where the doctor creates his morbid works of art and walks you step by step through the controversial embalming process. The tour finishes with an exhibition of the ‘results’, skinned and exploded figures, frozen in motion by plastination. Although it may seem to many as rather gory, you can’t deny that the invention of this remarkable preservation process of both human and animal bodies is immensely interesting. There is even a donation programme, for those whose final wish is to be preserved in the name of science and art.

Archenhold Observatory

As the oldest and largest public observatory in Germany, Archenhold Observatory is a must visit for science enthusiasts. Stand in awe of the 'sky canon', the world’s longest moveable refracting telescope, it is 21 metres long and weighs 130 tonnes. Discover astrographs that can take pictures of the sky and the 500mm reflecting telescope that enables you to actually see binary stars, the moon and even planets. Explore the Solar Physics exhibition and use the 'Jensch coelostat' to observe active solar zones and the prismatic colours of sunlight.

Science Centre Spectrum

Part of the Museum of Technology, the Science Centre Spectrum offers you a revolutionary experience. There are more than 150 interactive displays, so you can try your hand at a range of exciting experiments, including exploring the effects of light on your vision, the theories of sound, the impact of music and the rules of magnetism and electricity. Expand your knowledge of physics, astronomy, mechanics, radioactivity, technology, mathematics, communications and perception. Have fun in the hall of mirrors, house of illusion and Foucault pendulum.