Art &
Design Guide

Barcelona is a stimulating destination when it comes to art and design – creativity is everywhere you look. However we insist you take the time to visit these…

Dali Museum

There must be something in the Barcelona air that gets the creative juices flowing, that was certainly the case for surrealist Dali. Make sure you draw your eyes away from the incredible canvases though and spend some time appreciating the building of the museum itself, as Dali designed absolutely everything in here from the doors and windows to the toilets. A true ‘World of Dali’ experience!

Picasso Museum

Filled to the brim with works from his formative years right up to his infamous Blue Period, the Picasso Museum also shows his deep love of Barcelona. You’ll need extra time here, as at the last count, there were 4,251 works of art to blast your senses.

Casa Batllo

If you are a lover of exploring every nook and cranny of grand buildings, then you’ll find your nirvana here. Hidden behind the exceptional modernist façade, you’ll discover a world full of surprising architectural detail. Gaudi’s mind ventured into a different universe when he designed this, especially when he came up with the mythical Chimneys wrapped in the backbone of the dragon slain by Saint George.

Palau Guell

Yes, another of Gaudi’s wonders is popping up as a ‘must see’, with this incredible neo-Gothic mansion. He designed this palace for the Guell family, who obviously had a few coins to rub together, the hall has a parabolic pyramid roof and the incredible family rooms link off like rabbit warrens. Make sure you check out the magnificent music room with a fully working rebuilt organ played daily.