With so much to see in Prague, you're going to get a bit peckish. When you do, you may want to check out some of these.

Bakeshop Praha

Enjoy a taste of the USA in the heart of Prague. This laidback bakeshop rocks comfort-food like it's going out of fashion. Try zesty quiches, traditional nut breads, muffins and peanut butter cookies. It's also one of the best places for crispy croissants and coffee. Tuck in!


It might be off the beaten path, but you'll be rewarded with a warm welcome and some of the best Mexican food in Prague at Banditos. Leave room for their spicy chicken sandwich and wash it down with a quaffable margarita!

Café Montmarte

Dust off your polo neck and head to what's been billed as one of the last great, old-style coffeehouse bars in Central Europe. This place is pure class - it was a literati hang-out, a Jazz-Age 'It' bar and creative meeting place. We bet if Kafka walked in, he'd still recognise the old place.

Café Louvre

This historic French-style cafe offers you breath-taking views of the Art Nouveau architecture from its upstairs restaurant. Even Einstein loved hanging-out in here. It's a beautiful old building that's survived a lot and lived to tell you its story.