Even the most po-faced will enjoy the craic in Dublin. With an eclectic and exciting musical vibe happening in almost every bar - and on pretty much every street corner - what's not to love?

Gravity Bar

Love Guinness? Then this bar is an absolute must for you! The Guinness Gravity bar with its uninterrupted view of the city is one of the most popular bars in the city. After a tour of the brewery it'd be rude not to pop in and down a creamy pint or two.


This is one of the city's oldest and largest theatres by day and a mega club by night. Wander through its warren-like interior and discover countless bars and plenty of space to dance the night away. It's also a popular place for Latin and Jazz bands, so if this is your thing, head this way.


Bruxelles is a cosmopolitan sports and music bar - and ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether you want to watch a match, enjoy live DJs in one of the three bars or listen to live music with mates and a beer, Bruxelles is right at the heart of things.

The Academy

The Academy truly comes to life on Saturday nights. It has popular DJs spinning current club favourites to provide the ultimate Saturday night soundtrack. Bands such as Mumford & Sons played here early in their careers so you could be witnessing the next big thing on your night out.


SOLAS Bar & Restaurant spreads over three floors and a roof-top terrace, so there's plenty of room for fun. Make your pick from their extensive menu of world beers and fabulous award-winning cocktails. This is a great place to kick off a night out with early doors music that leans towards jazz-funk.