If you love food then you're certainly in the right city. There are so many places in Berlin to eat out, it will make you dizzy! Whether you want to indulge in your affection for cultural cuisine or to simply stuff your face after an exciting action packed day.

Cookies Cream

Considered to be an 'underground' vegetarian restaurant, Cookies Cream has established an enviable reputation for quality, style and its food. If you're lucky enough to get a table you'll enjoy the finest, freshest dishes in an elegant, darkly-lit industrial space.


Eating out at Crackers is the closest thing you'll get to dining on a dance floor. While the food is delicious and prepared to perfection, the DJ's are waiting for the last morsels to go down before cranking up the sound! The Creviche is delish and you have to go a long way to eat a better steak. A truly fab mix of food and fun!

Imren Grill

If fish and chips are typically British seaside fayre - kebabs are Berlin's favourite fast food. Naturally, the Turkish quarter has some of the best, and Imren Grill is in the lead. It has a big bare dining room and there are plenty of specials, but ask for a dönerim brot with a cup of sweet black tea and the world will instantly feel like an even better place.


Bonanza serves some of the best cups of coffee in Berlin. Its proprietors are passionate about every step of the process, roasting the beans in-house for freshness and taking due care over steam temperature. We highly recommend you buy some beans to take home with you, as well as indulging in a cup in the shop, with a slice of cake of course!


If you love a bit of dim sum, be sure to head to Aroma for the best in town. You can enjoy it as a snack or as part of a full dinner. The ambience may be simple, but taste and choice is in abundance.

Konnopke's Imbiss

The Currywurst is justly famous at this revered sausage stand, which has stood under the rail-overpass of Eberswalder U-bahn, Prenzlauer Berg for 80 years. So make sure you give it a try, the Currywurst is a delicious pork sausage doused in a curry-ketchup sauce accompanied with fries and mayonnaise - you can even crank up the spice if you like your food hot. Service is notoriously fast despite the queues, but you will find sheltered seating available, should you have to wait at all – but trust us it will be worth the wait.

Grill Royal

If you fancy catching a glimpse of an A-lister then head here. Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and a number of super models have all been spotted enjoying the delights of the Grill Royal. Lively and elegant, make sure you do your best bib and tucker.