Barcelona is the city break by the sea that brings you the best of all worlds. You will without a doubt absolutely love it. Discover its culture, uber-cool style and general laid back vibe in its choice of clubs and bars…


It's won a Time Out award for best nightclub and it's where you come to hang with the glitterati. With its contemporary minimalist interior L'Entresol is probably the coolest bar around. Try their G&T with tea – it by far takes top billing on the drinks menu.

23 Robadors

Right, this place is for those in the know because you have to ring a doorbell to get in. Once inside its stone-walled lounge you'll be treated to an eclectic mix of musical styles. Depending on the day you visit will decide whether it's Flamenco, Jazz or a bit of Joy Division!

Sor Rita

Sor Rita is so kitsch it's madness! If you fancy something with bucket-loads of quirk, this is the place to fill up. Clever and slick, but in an entertaining way.

El Jabali

If you're going to have tapas – which of course you will, you’re in Barcelona - this is the 'go to' deli bar. Sip decent wine and enjoy amazing patatas bravas, chicken salad and cured sausage. It’s also a great place to relax and do some serious people-watching.

Bar El Bocata

A classy joint for those with a penchant for exotic tapas, colourful cocktails - oh and value for money. Bar el Bocata is in the Sants neighbourhood - a bastion of the free tapa in Barcelona. They've also got a lovely terrace on which you can enjoy some nibbles and a glass of wine.

La Terrrazza

This super-cool open-air club on the mountain of Montjuic is an interior designer's dream. It's only open from May until September, but it's a focal point during the annual Sonar festival. Musically speaking, you can expect genres of house and techno.