Parisians take their food VERY seriously of course. Well, so do we, and these are just some of our favourites we know you’re bound to love too.

Kraft Hot Dog

That’s right, hot dogs. But these aren’t just any hot dogs, they are Paris gourmet style hot dogs. Make sure you take it easy on the extras though, because they can add up, alternatively we recommend just sticking to the set Kraft menu, it’s super tasty and filling.


Rachel used to make cakes, cheesecakes, bagels, buns and pastries for restaurants across the city, now she has her own place, serving modern versions of classic American diner dishes. With some of the most marvellous desserts you’ll ever see and taste.

Pancake Sisters

Sounds like an odd girl band, we know. But Pancake Sisters do amazing things with (you guessed it) pancakes; so make sure you and your friends drop in for a stack, they’re guaranteed to go down a storm. However it is a really popular place with the locals, so be sure to book a table if you’re in a big group.

Ma Kitchen

Everyone in the neighbourhood seems to eat at this great Franco-Korean canteen. It’s that good. So it gets kind of busy, but don’t worry the queue moves quickly. Traditional Korean dishes with a different spin every day of the week – whether you decide to eat in or take out, you’ll definitely want to come back for more.

Classico Argentino

Here amazing empanadas are taking over tapas as the drinker’s snack of choice. The terrace gets rightly rammed on sunny days, but you can always keep cool in the bar. There’s even a food truck, El Carrito that travels the streets of Paris – which is definitely worth looking out for.

The sunken chip

There’s something decedent and defiant about having fish ‘n’ chips in Paris. Run by expats, this British favourite is top notch. You can get all the trimmings too, including pickled eggs and even battered sausage. Take it out and eat it on the banks of the river, like a proper English seaside tourist.

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