Huddersfield SU Berlin Christmas Markets


13th - 18th December 2019

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What's included?

  • Return Travel (Coach + Ferry)
  • B+B/3nights
  • Hostel Breakfasts
  • Dedicated Rep
  • Museum Deals
  • Local Knowledge
  • Drink Deals

The Plan

    • 1. Friday Evening

      Grab your bags, e-ticket, passport and that Christmas spirit as we are heading to the city where almost a hundred different Christmas markets are spread across the centre, it's time to set off to Berlin!

      Your Outgoing rep will meet you at the departure point - Please be there 30 minutes before departure.

      Make sure to have all the travel essentials: your pillow, blanket, a good book and something to listen to. Your Outgoing rep will have you guys playing a few games and will stick on some DVDs, so before you know it, you will be on the ferry heading across the Channel. Outgoing Top Tip: You are going to be on this coach for a while so bring snacks and water, European service stations are very different to the UK and may not have any food available.

    • 2. Saturday Morning

      Good morning travellers!! By the time you wake up, we should have just crossed over the German border.

      When we arrive, make sure to check around you for all of your belongings as we won't see the coach again until departure day! You are not able to check in till 3pm so pop your case in the luggage room with the Outgoing Reps and go grab some lunch. Find your bearings and have a little explore of the surrounding areas.

    • 2. Saturday Afternoon

      Return at 3pm and your Outgoing reps will be ready to check you in and give you your room keys. Rooms were allocated before departure, so you should already know who you are sharing with. But don't worry if you've forgotten, the reps will have a list to help! Please remember your 10 euros for your key deposit.

    • 2. Saturday Evening

      Once you have settled in and freshened up it is time for us to head to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe meet your Outgoing rep at 6.30pm in the hostel bar. Make sure to wrap up warm and we will head down to the markets together.

      You will never see market's like this, the first thing you will notice is all the lights and how the market winds through all the alleys and streets of Berlin. The market stalls rammed packed full of traditional sweets, biscuits and goodies, the famous wooden Nutcrackers, handmade dolls and teddies.

      Let’s get a Gluhwein and a Bratwurst then step back and breathe in all the Christmas Spirit. Local Choirs performing Christmas Carols, A Nativity setting and live music in every alley we turn down. This is what Christmas is all about and Berlin does it best!

    • 3. Sunday Morning

      Rise 'n' Shine, breakfast is served in the restaurant between 06:30am - 10.30am. A continental breakfast is on offer with bread, jams, cheeses and a selection of meats.

      If you have any questions then now is a great time to ask the reps, they will be on hand for any hints and tips.

      Don't forget to check out some of our great optional extras through the booking flow, if you haven’t purchased them at the time of booking some you are able to book through the reps in the resort.

    • 3. Sunday Afternoon

      A great way to kick start your afternoon in Berlin is by jumping on to the famous insider tour. Claimed to be the 'perfect introduction' to Berlin, this tour goes to literally all the monuments, landmarks and hotspots you could imagine. It's filled with culture, history and exciting facts. If you would rather explore the city for yourself, don't miss out visiting the Koenig Gallery, it houses some outstanding masterpieces.

    • 3. Sunday Evening

      Sunday night we are hitting the streets of Berlin for Outgoing’s Big Night Out, Outgoing’s not just going Out we are going Out Out! We will be leaving the hostel as a group at 10pm and heading to the first bar on our route. We’ll then be going to a couple of bars and heading to a club (free entry). This is a great chance to let your hair down and get to know the group a little bit better. Everyone becomes friends on a dancefloor!!!

      The Outgoing reps will be partying with you till the early hours of the morning!!

    • 4. Monday Morning

      Peel yourself out of bed and head down to breakfast (served06:30am - 10:30am). A great way to enjoy our final day in Berlin is to head over to the Berlin Zoo, bookable online before departure, the zoo in the snow is spectacular. If that doesn’t take your fancy then make the most of the shopping and sightseeing, the German capital is steeped in history most noticeably from the falling of the Berlin wall in 89. The wall is still standing in places and you’ll notice the incredible street art!

    • 4. Monday Afternoon

      There is so much to discover in the incredible and historical City ... the first place we will be heading this afternoon is down to Brandenburg Gate and the Museum of Checkpoint Charlie. This is one of the most iconic monuments and museums in Berlin and will take you back to some of the darker days of Berlin.

      As of 2011 Berlin is home to 138 museums and more than 400 art galleries and now in 2018 this has only grown in number. There are so many from you to choose from and you won't get round them all but choose some that stand out to you and you'll come away from this trip with memories that will last a lifetime!

      Take a look at your Itinerary for some inspiration, it will help make sure you don't miss anything!!!

    • 4. Monday Evening

      It's our last night in this incredible city, meet your Outgoing Reps in the lobby for 18:00 as we are heading back down to the Christmas Market's for one last time. We will be making the most of that delicious street food and buying those last minute Christmas presents.

      Why not get yourself booked onto the craziest bar crawl in Berlin?! Plenty of bars, free club entry and free shots!! This bar crawl is run by a company based in Berlin, so their guides will help you along the way. This is a fantastic way to round off what has been an unforgettable trip in an unforgettable city.

    • 5. Tuesday Morning

      Up and out folks!! It is the day that no one likes, sadly, it’s time to leave. Make sure you have everything with you, head down and check out with the Outgoing reps before getting on the coach for our journey home.

      All good things must come to an end, but this isn't Auf Wiedersehen this is bis später as you will defo be back!!

    • 6. Wednesday Morning

      It's been a journey but you've made it back to good old blighty! Get those Instas posted and make sure to tag @weareoutgoing

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Make history.

During the summer season Berlin becomes an outdoor city of pavement cafes and beer gardens. Since the fall of The Wall, Berlin has re-invented itself as one of the most stimulating and creative cities in Europe. You will find parties going on for days, bars open 24/7 and art galleries showcasing the ‘edgy’ and avant-garde. It’s also bristling with history. Berlin is home to some magnificent monuments and incredible buildings - right up your street if you’re a bit of a history buff. Cycling is a great way to get around and bikes are easy to hire in the centre of town. Being more of a 48-hour city than a 24-hour one, you will take in everything faster on two wheels than on two legs.

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